Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

At the request of my dear friend Becky, I bring you Spring...
This seems like a quote I would be famous for saying, too bad E.B. White thought of it first. I am always waiting for something to happen.

Grandma made these blown-out real eggs and sprinkled clear glitter all over them. She cut out little windows and filled them with Spring scenes of miniature chicks and bunnies. I still remember her panoramic sugar eggs too. Green colored coconut as the grass with plastic figurines inside. She made me one with a green lattice frosting design on top.

The jars in all their spring glory. The nests were left in my Spring cones on the front door a couple years ago. Another not-so-good-ending in the circle of life storybook. But I have these bird gathered nests now.

Remember the toys you never knew what to do with after Easter had come and gone?