Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do You Love Me?

Matt and I celebrated our anniversary last week among the crazy schedule we both have right now.  It feels as though it's December.  We were going to take a raincheck on our quiet dinner out, because of the time restraints of the week, but Matt called up that afternoon and said, "Let's go.  Let's just go and get away."  So we did.  We left the visitors staying with us and the projects on the table and went up to Ruth's Diner where we got engaged.  I made this quirky little muslin notebook paper-like letter.  I stitched the lines, punched the holes and wrote the note.  I'm still waiting for him to check the appropriate box.  I hope still he loves me after nearly two decades.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cheers to Chairs at Apartment Therapy

I could write a really great Dr. Seuss book about my many chairs.  It would start off with, "Cool chairs.  Old chairs.  New chairs.  Hard chairs.  Soft chairs.  High chairs.  Low chairs.  Designer chairs.  Ten chairs, twenty chairs, thirty chairs, lots of chairs.  Three cheers for sixty chairs.   It's all about my many chairs.  These chairs need cheers, so please Matt, don't chuck the chairs."

Look what question was featured on the popular design blog, Apartment Therapy, HERE a few weeks ago.  Too bad I was typing from my iPhone and I couldn't see well enough to notice that I had spelled my last name wrong in my question that linked all A.T.'s readers to my blog!  

Matt and I laughed so hard at some of the comments that we were gasping for breath and our bellies ached, especially the commentator that recommended I throw Matt in the dumpster and keep the cool chairs.  I just have this serious addiction to chairs, not just any chair, they must date at least 1975 or older.  But if they happen to be mid-century modern, I'm ecstatic.  I have no desire to quit collecting them cold turkey, and  I won't admit myself into rehab for the multiple chair hoarders addiction either.  Whether I find the chairs in sets or as single stray cats, I can't let any of them go.  It's as though I've fed them once on the porch, and now I'm emotionally obligated to them.  So I took the time to count my chairs at the house today, just to see how ill I really am.  I have over 60.  I won't give you an exact amount, because then I would be admitting more than I want to.  All I can shout is, "A hundred cheers to my chairs!
Young Women Values Throne
One of Grandma Barbara's green velvet chairs
I have 13 of these, original Thonet's that came from a dorm in Kansas
A little D.I. find that I reupholstered.  
I love this little cutie.  Also a D.I. find for $15.

I helped some friends move and these were sadly in the D.I. pile.  Couldn't let that happen...

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Aunt Aimee, I Want a Robot Party"

This little boy likes Ironman, Bionicles, Buzz Lightyear, Transformers and anything else that resembles a robot with super powers and of course, weapons built in the arm.  I could probably insert any little boy's name here, but today, it's all about Morris, or affectionately known as Mo-Mo. His mommy incentivized him to give up a certain something in order for me to be able to even throw this little techy wonder party.

 I've been loving to make these little ruffled crepe paper streamers, and for this party, I wanted lots of bright colors for this little boy who loves to paint and draw.
 The Gerbera daisies from Saturday's baby shower were still fresh and beautiful.


 I couldn't keep the balloons from wilting over in their vases, so I just filled with bright crayons to stabilize the balloon sticks. 

 What kid wouldn't want ginormous pixy stix and fun dips?  Thanks Aunt Karen!
Bright helium mylar balloons for all the kids, provided by Grandma Peggy

 Here is the only clue from this party that it was a robot party, it was all in the mini cake decor.  These homemade Ding Dongs from the baby shower the day before, were just as good and moist as the day I made them.

 I hope you get what you wish for Mo.  You deserve it this year.
 Optimus Pri-Mo-Mo
 This little redneck got his glow from the robot in action.  Matt wondered if we could please take out the batteries.  It never said, "Noise included".  Please?
 A Bionicle.  Wow.  Something I have never had to get excited over with 3 girls.
 Mo-Mo's party crew.
Bubbies, I know it was a little spur of the moment planning, but your 4th birthday party was Optimus Primo.  Watching your bright eyes as you opened presents was my favorite part.  I hope it was everything you thought it was going to be in your head for the last several weeks, because you don't just give up  "blank"  for nothin'.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mrs. Ferre & the ABC School Baby Shower

The composition book for guests to sign.

 The school lunch trays.
  Fruit cups with side dip.
You have your choice of lemonade or milk.  What'll it be?

 With these semi-sweet chocolate Ding Dongs spread with rich chocolate ganache and filled with homemade marshmallow cream?  I think I'd choose a cold glass of milk. 
 The vanilla cream homemade "Twinkies" were quite the novelty.
 Since chocolate isn't my vice, these P.B. & J. bars were yummy and gave a little nostalgia from my school lunch box days.
 The pink daisies and stitched dual-color ruffles add just the right baby girl touch.
 I picked up a few of these cafeteria trays at my favorite D.I.

 A simple pink zig zag stitch connects two colors of crepe paper streamers to create a unique paper ruffle.

 Can't forget the Pink Pearl that Kaitlin's baby will wear around her tiny wrist.
 I will not chew gum in class.
 I will not chew gum in class. 
I will not chew gum in class. 
 Notice the muslin fabric notebook paper with the stitched pink and blue lines?  When baby girl is born, I'll stitch her name and other important information on it and then frame it up for the nursery.

 It's class picture time for the mommy-to-be...
 and the daddy-to-be.
 Mikey + Kaitlin = baby girl, it's pretty simple math really.

 auntie & cousin Norah
 another auntie
 Mrs. Ferre, and every student guest had their class picture taken for the composition book. The whole class wrote sweet wishes for Kaitlin and baby girl, in their best handwriting of course.
 mom + 3 sisters
 Baby Lola and Auntie Jaecie, just making the regular girl talk on the playground.
New school shoes.
 The lunchroom

 and don't forget recess!