Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hi, my name is Aimee Ferre

My daughter and I were just experimenting with a little video application exercise.  I realize it's a little rough and unprofessional, but kind of fun.  Thanks for watching!

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Peeps & Springtime

Just thinking about my little p e e p s who have been gone all week on a spring break trip to Santa Barbara.  They come home tonight.  It can't come soon enough.  

I like us all together.  

The whole thought process of making these little guys just reminded me of sticking with my own peeps. Sometimes they stick together in a row.  It's good to stick together.  There is more power and strength in numbers.  I think we do pretty good together.  

I won't start thinking about the fall when one little peep will leave the coop.  I'll stick to thoughts of spring while she's still a little peep under my wing.

(See the full Easter post h e r e. Very time consuming, but such a novelty.  I used the instructions from martha stewart.  A little tricky at first, but just go for it, the less you think about it while you pipe, the better they will shape.  Just try not to make too big of a batch.  The marshmallow cream stiffens the longer you wait to pipe.  I had a few malfunctions with the timing after I got overly excited.  I might have tried to triple a batch.  Not a good idea.)  

Monday, April 14, 2014

What Are Little Boys Made of? - "Little Boy" Baby Shower

My niece's last name is Little.
She was having a baby.
It's a boy.
The poem about "What little boys are made of" seemed to be the perfect fit for the theme of her baby shower.

The invite
I really wanted to send out something that could be repurposed.  I like to be green when I can, you know, keep the world lookin' good.  Some guests said they framed this little card.  Great Grandma kept it as a mobile on her lamp.  I thought it could be used as a baby card for someone.  I've been accused of being "the creator of clutter", so I thought I would give guests the option to dispose of the invite responsibly.  

The spread

I used paper mache painted mushrooms, preserved moss, silk daffodils and lily of the valley stems, moss rocks from the dollar store of all places, some paper tulips and foliage I made from crepe paper and paper ribbon, fresh wheatgrass from the grocery store and some mums I had received a couple weeks before that managed to stay alive long enough to really get some mileage out of their freshness.  I also added some feather wired butterflies to the composition and gummy frogs and worms in a couple candy bowls.  They just seemed to work.  And actually, the guests ate them all, so they must not have just been for the aesthetics, turns out the kids liked them better than the freshly baked goods.  

The happy favors of primroses and bright little flags

The Happy Mommy-to-Be

An Eggquisite Eggsplosion of Easter Eggs

 Grandma June loved Easter.  She would make all the grandchildren glittered eggs and panoramic sugar eggs with green coconut grass and tiny little plastic bunnies and chicks to view inside the peep hole.  She made every holiday special.  So grandma, here is to you.  I glittered, I foiled, I painted, flowered and ribbonized, just in your memory.  Most of these are little surprise boxes.  They open up into two halves and you can fill with small chocolates, money, gift cards, and little gifts (like diamonds or precious stones are always a nice surprise).  All eggs come with a glass pedestal.  They make great wedding and Mother's Day gifts too, just take off the Easter or spring tag and add a sweet note for mom instead.