Friday, June 22, 2012

"W" stands for...

Westland Pool & Spa can build it for you, and that would be my husband, Matt Ferre.  Our friend, who happens to be a very talented architect of Lloyd Architects recently designed this beautiful, modern home in Cache Valley.  A year or so later, unknowingly, my husband did the pool addition.  I know I've put a plug in for Warren before, but when you're good, you're good.

*The "W" actually doesn't stand for Westland, (as much as I'd love to say it does).  No, no, it's the client's last name initial.

The Summer Hat

Remember the post where I found this hat?
And then I said I had a picture of my mom to share.  I stole it from her facebook, so it's tiny, but a keeper.  Happy summer and may you have many patriotic parties ahead!  

The Father's Day Tie 2012 Edition

Remember the Father's Day Tie tradition?  You can understand it better by looking here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
He wore it to church of course.  

The Sunrise Elementary Staff Un-birthday Party

With the generous pizza donation from the Pie Pizzeria at Fort Union in Sandy, our teachers enjoyed amazing gourmet pizzas (seriously the best in town), fresh salad from our awesome PTA president, Kelly Nixon, and my homemade lemon curd cupcakes for the birthday luncheon.  
 Each teacher received an un-birthday package containing a new pair of scissors and case with a tissue pom pom craft kit and a tag stating, "The Sunrise staff is a cut above the rest!"

Indian Hills 2011-12 Staff Birthday Cupcake Packages

These cupcake boxes contained red velvet cupcakes with a candle. Logistically and time-wise, I could only deliver these quarterly.  That's not my normal standard of celebrating, but it just had to go that way with there being 100 on staff.
 The handpainted birthday tags

And Did I Even Mention Spring Break?

Our family just hung out together this spring break.  No fanfare vacation, we all were burned out from finishing up a huge basketball season, and quite frankly, I'm trying to cut back on spending altogether.  It was great to just be with each other. We stayed at the Little America downtown one night.  We all took tracks to dine at City Creek and shop with the girls and cousins, Dutt and Whit & Company.  We went to a great little German bakery, Vosen's, the next morning.  And of course we had to thrift shop, my absolute favorite thing to do any day.  

June somehow got to bypass the family rule that you don't get your ears pierced until you are 14.  This is the baby of the family no doubt...
 City Creek is just inspiring downtown fun now.
 Quite literally, hangin' with the cousins.
 The big bunny hid the baskets at the Thompson's this year.
 Matt and I shared a basket this year and got the real gourmet goodies.  Vanilla & Fig and Pomegranate balsamic vinegars, V Chocolates coconut egg, family videos and other delectable spring delights.  I love the Easter Bunny.  

Sunrise Elementary Teacher Appreciation Project

A great way to use these fun glittered pens packaged with a personalized notepad for each teacher (made by another parent, Crysi).  

Teacher Appreciation at Indian Hills Middle Schools: Day 2

Chocolate dipped strawberries by my friend, Margo

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Art Market 2012

Sugarhouse Garden Center
1602 E. 2100 S.
Salt Lake City, UT
started Friday, the 4th
goes through tomorrow (Saturday, May 5th)  
10 am - 5pm

 Handpainted signs by me.  Each trimmed with colorful ribbons sewn on the top and bottom of the sign.  A casing was sewn on each side in the back to slide wooden stakes through to place in your yard.  Each one is original and slightly varies in each styles. I am taking special orders now for next week. $40 each and comes with two large wooden stakes to set in the yard or hang on a wall.
Keep in mind, some of these signs are actually an investment :-).
Could you even think of a cuter yard sale sign to attract attention?
Don't forget to always Choose the Right!
A new collection of prints of my original arwork.

 I love these hand-dyed coffee filter wreaths.  They actually hold up very well in the elements, so don't fret.  Great for spring, weddings and don't forget Mom!

Elsa went to town with her acrylic paintings this Spring Art Market.  Check out all of her creations below.

Love this funky bird she did - SOLD

Red Poppy - SOLD

Yellow with White Bird -SOLD

"Love makes a beautiful ride"
Mother / Daughter collaboration - SOLD

Pear - SOLD

Butterfly Kisses

Modern Teacup - SOLD

Vase with roses - SOLD

 And then there is my Junie Bug.  She created some very fun rose pens out of duct tape to write your own story.  A great gift for the graduate.  What a little entrepreneur!
Almost a sell out - 2 left, great job June!