Saturday, July 5, 2014

FYI: June Hates Cake

Convo with June:

Me:  What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
June:  I don't want cake for my birthday, I hate cake.
Me:  Well what exactly should I make for your birthday "treat" then?
June:  Why don't you make the rice krispie treat like you did last year?
Me:  Okay, (not exactly what I had in mind visually, but that's okay, saves me 5 hours)
June:  No, wait, how about lemon poppyseed cake?
Me:  Okay, I can do that simple enough.
June:  Hold on, I love lemon bars (and glazed donuts) too.
Me:  Well which is it June?

She'll have all of them please, (plus one more).  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July and All Things Red, White & Blue!

 He walked out just as I was taking a picture.
He even coordinates.

I bought these long flag banners from the old Martha Stewart Catalogue probably a dozen years ago, I miss that catalogue.  She had classic collections for every holiday. 

The Pringles can Buzz Light Year jet packs that June made for Danny last night.  She used 2 Pringles cans, red duct tape, and my ribbon scraps for the fuel fire flames. He doesn't seem to want to take them off.  June, that's pretty innovative I'd say.

Old Glory draped over the tv room door.

I remember sewing the above bunting (It's a full 10 yards) when we lived in Sugarhouse back in '98.  I purchased 10 yards of red, navy and white broadcloth and cut each fabric color in half to make two long strips, then cut them in half again to make four.  Then I sewed three strips, one of each color together to make a red, white and blue large piece.  If you do it using this method, you can make four buntings.  Pictured above is just one, but it surprisingly took quite a bit of time and then I didn't know where to drape them.  If you don't prewash the fabric and let the color set in, and they get wet at some point, the red dye bleeds all over the white and it's a red, pink and blue bunting.  And a huge bummer.  Yes, I did that.  I wrapped it around our outside house post and then we got rain.  Sad.

But I found a perfect place inside our little La Casa de Los Venados for one of them.  

 Elsa made these darling little spatterware mugs in her art class this year.  Check out her the handles she crafted.

 I love that after 10 years of storing these old sign letters from eBay, I finally have a mantel to put them on.

More Martha Stewart little ribbon garlands and one of her Old Glory flags.

The blocks below are from Chasing Fireflies.  They are pretty rad.  They have all the Presidents of the United States on one side, trivia on the other sides, and the flag when placed in the correct order.  The other vintage flag below is one I just draped over the lampshade.  

 The Lady of Libery and old history books I had on my bedroom bookshelves growing up.  I think my dad bought them at a school auction.  He used to buy us all kinds of cool things at those school auctions.  I remember seeing fiberglass Eames chairs.

A gift from my dad's collection.  His friend wrote a book using this old Royal.

  What's nesting in the teacups this month?

 You know the routine, it's the same day, place & time every year.
I love the U.S.A.!