Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warren and Our Little Porch

I know our little front porch project wasn't that monumental of a job for Warren Lloyd of Lloyd Architects, because he does incredible work if you're in need of an architect for a large scale project. He assured us it didn't matter how big or small the details involved, he loves a project. I do know better though. He suggested when we built our home, to not incorporate rock to the structure and to keep it to the simple beauty of plain shingles. I'm so glad we ditched the rock idea. But we have had little twigs (with sage green overspray from our house painting project) as our columns since we moved in. I've had his rendering of what he thought the front porch should look like for about 5 or maybe 6 years. I am so glad I waited to find the right guy to construct it. I love the design Warren created. He studied architecture while living in Japan, and you can certainly see the influence even in this small application. We feel honored to know him, and are especially happy that the porch is done. Now if we can just get the courtyard and landscape installed... I really do love the little progress we are making around here. Slow, but none the less, progress.

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  1. Looks just great Aimee! Wonderful Art market last week, clever lady :). Thanks for the invite.