Friday, June 22, 2012

And Did I Even Mention Spring Break?

Our family just hung out together this spring break.  No fanfare vacation, we all were burned out from finishing up a huge basketball season, and quite frankly, I'm trying to cut back on spending altogether.  It was great to just be with each other. We stayed at the Little America downtown one night.  We all took tracks to dine at City Creek and shop with the girls and cousins, Dutt and Whit & Company.  We went to a great little German bakery, Vosen's, the next morning.  And of course we had to thrift shop, my absolute favorite thing to do any day.  

June somehow got to bypass the family rule that you don't get your ears pierced until you are 14.  This is the baby of the family no doubt...
 City Creek is just inspiring downtown fun now.
 Quite literally, hangin' with the cousins.
 The big bunny hid the baskets at the Thompson's this year.
 Matt and I shared a basket this year and got the real gourmet goodies.  Vanilla & Fig and Pomegranate balsamic vinegars, V Chocolates coconut egg, family videos and other delectable spring delights.  I love the Easter Bunny.  

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