Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anthropologie Knows Me By Name

Now this is good solid marketing. Thank you Anthropologie for remembering me on my birthday. I know they probably send out thousands of these, maybe more, and yet it feels as personal as my mother's card, well minus the money she encloses. The little candle is a necklace when you detatch it from the card. This card reminded me that they want me to have a "do-over" birthday too. After expressing their tasteful birthday wishes, they tease me. Just bring this little cutie in to any Anthropologie location, and I get a whopping 15% off of that $325 jacket I really want. Yea right. But the thought is what keeps me shopping there, even if it is just in the discounted merchandise in the back room. These are the kinds of client touch points my little business last year offered customers. I created intriguing marketing pieces that kept customers curious. And unfortunately for Matt, Anthropologie does it too. And they do it very well.

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  1. I am so glad you had an AMAZING birthday week. I love you. ***THIS***MUCH***