Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fright Food Night at the Ferre-nstein's

Well every party must start with an invitation of course...

(Ignore the spelling error, I was out of my mind for this one. "Specimans" of course is "specimen", but they were already sewn and ribbonized, so forget it!)

Then we have the 36 specimen samples on the soapstone lab surface...

Start concocting. I had sample pizza ideas listed on the lab sheets, or you could use those living brains and create your own.

John unable to keep the creature parts out of his mouth any longer

Jean Michel, always a straight A student, got extra credit for siting his research.

Yea, we are telling our scariest moment tales now. Can't you tell?

The couples' Trick or Treat bags filled with guests' favorite treats they brought to share with the group.

Nanette made caramel apples from the freshly harvested apples off her tree. Go Martha, go Martha!

Julie dried us some vulture brains (AKA amazing caramel corn)

Below, please find interesting specimen of the male gender:

Too bad girls, they are all taken.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what concoctions they were!
    It is safe to say that despite the goulish ingredients
    and macabre presentation there was no drop in the culinary effect!
    The whole experience from your porch columns to the dining table was memorable.... where did you ever get those porch columns???

    satiated in SLC