Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Portrait of an Artist, My Dad

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Burdell Moody, 2005 (photo courtesy of Roger Hawkins)

Burdell Moody (on right), US Army
Combat Artist for the Vietnam War

What can I say of my father? He turned 70 this month. He is a very talented artist, recently featured at The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia with other works from American soldiers. His painting, "Point Man", pictured below was the painting on the cover of the art exhibit's program handed out on opening night. Can I further brag and say this piece was chosen out of 16,000 works in the entire collection? To see his work printed on keychains and mugs in the museum's gift shop seems like iconic art to me.

"Point Man"

I spent most of September planning a secret surprise birthday for him, so I couldn't spend the time honoring him on my blog earlier. Better late than never. So I'll take the liberty to brag about him now, and I'll post pics from the surprise party even later.

For more details on the exhibit, click here, then click on "Online Gallery" and scroll to the 1960's. You will view 3 of the works posted below.

To see his recent work available at the Belleza Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona click here

All artwork courtesy of U.S. Army Center for Military History, Washington DC
Burdell Moody, US Army

"Killed in Action"

"Night Operation"

"Heavy Lifting"

"Big and Little Fire Power"


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. What a treat! He is so talented but what else would be expected from Aimee Ferre's father! Love you and miss you Aimee!

  2. He was my high school art instructor, and to this day his style influences me, I'm proud to have one of his paintings in my office. I truly miss just hanging out and talking to him.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I love hearing how he influenced so many in the art community. He's a master.

  3. I visited the gallery coming home from my father's funeral at Fort Indiantown Gap. It was Nov in 2010 and I was by myself and had time waiting for my flight so I took a carriage ride holding my dad's flag in my lap because I couldn't leave it in the car and I thought he would like that I'm sure I was a sight, wearing his 173rd airborne hat and the flag in my lap. I was a little sad and lonely for him naturally. I saw the gallery signage at the Constitution Center and asked the carriage to stop. I thought it was free and walked in and then I said, can I just see the book store then (hoping to buy a print) I bought the bookmark that had "point man" on it as my dad was a butter bar lt in Nov 68 in central highlands of Vietnam with 173rd airborne. I had blown my spending money on the carriage, so I had my bookmark and when I turned to go, the museum manager approached me and gave me a private tour gratis and welcomed my father home. It was very well done and I was very moved by the good in people. Thank you for your sharing this post.

  4. Kerry, what a beautiful story of your farewell to your father. I know that was a very personal experience, but I appreciate you sharing it with me. I will pass this story along to my dad. He's coming this weekend for a visit with my family. All best.

  5. Hi Aimee,
    I have a Burdell Moody painting above my office desk. It's a prized possession. An impressionistic western landscape (probably Utah) with two dominant Aspens. Love it!
    Risk Monty
    Park City, UT

  6. Burdell Moody (Jarvis) is a great man. His personality is as deep as his paintings.