Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Hawks Basketball Mom M.I.A. During State Tournament

I've been a little spotty in my blogging the month of February. I put my blame on Alta High School Girls Basketball.

Matt and I got to support our oldest in her high school basketball experience. Under normal conditions, I am not overly excited about the madness of the sport, but I do try to support all my daughters with what they love to do. And guess what they all love to do? Play basketball. It is no longer their dad's passion. I think I caught a terrible fever in the process of supporting this week. A high fever. Her team taught me a lesson about determination, setting goals with a purpose and completely fighting for something with all their heart, might, mind and strength.

We beat Weber on Monday and Riverton on Wednesday by the skin of our noses, with nail biting and screaming until my voice gave out. We defeated Fremont on Friday with sheer excitement over the opportunity to fight against the Titans in the final game. Then we unexpectedly, (but only unexpectedly to the spectators, not our girls), beat the 2 year undefeated team, (count 49 games in your mind), the Syracuse Titans.

There were so many little stories along the way of this tournament that movies are made from. My most favorite vignette is the story of our girls in the locker room on Friday afternoon, sharing with Mrs. Shurtz (#21's mom) that they were dedicating their game that night to her in respect to her fight with breast cancer. She was diagnosed during the tryouts at the beginning of the season, and she had just finished her final treatment that Tuesday. The girls wanted to fight for her that night. We dyed shoelaces pink, parents wore pink bands bearing her last name, and a few of the moms' sponsored a box for the girls to enjoy as a reminder of their dedication to her.
The box was full of pink delights: Pink bubblegum, chocolates, the dyed shoelaces, a homemade pink ribbon sugar cookie, and other little favors in her honor. It was an emotional meeting and lasting in their minds. I know the girls won against Fremont because of their commitment to fight for her that night. Not that they didn't have the talent, they have plenty of that, but they had a purpose. We already knew the game would be a tight fight to have the opportunity to move on to the final championship game.

And the final championship game? Well that was a night that summed up what these girls were made of. Sure, there were bad calls, and most definitely on both sides. Yes there were moments of anxiety and frustration. But the girls just kept moving forward. Right to the end, 8 points ahead to beat the unbeatable.

A movie.

And you should have heard the soundtrack!

PS Our little freshman, even got to play two quarters in the tournament. I admit, I cried. I cried again this week when I got the bill for the state ring we "must"purchase, I'm sure the letter jacket isn't too far off either.

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