Friday, April 18, 2014

My Peeps & Springtime

Just thinking about my little p e e p s who have been gone all week on a spring break trip to Santa Barbara.  They come home tonight.  It can't come soon enough.  

I like us all together.  

The whole thought process of making these little guys just reminded me of sticking with my own peeps. Sometimes they stick together in a row.  It's good to stick together.  There is more power and strength in numbers.  I think we do pretty good together.  

I won't start thinking about the fall when one little peep will leave the coop.  I'll stick to thoughts of spring while she's still a little peep under my wing.

(See the full Easter post h e r e. Very time consuming, but such a novelty.  I used the instructions from martha stewart.  A little tricky at first, but just go for it, the less you think about it while you pipe, the better they will shape.  Just try not to make too big of a batch.  The marshmallow cream stiffens the longer you wait to pipe.  I had a few malfunctions with the timing after I got overly excited.  I might have tried to triple a batch.  Not a good idea.)  

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