Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lindsay Guynn + Nate Jackson

My cousin's in-laws were in a bind a week before their daughter's wedding.  There were some bumps in the road in the floral and executing the bride's wishes.  My part in this event was to design all the floral that was going to be on display around the buffet, gift, guest book and cake tables.  I was to arrange all the buffet tables and direct any other design work at the event.  I hand-lettered food signs and added some of my own linens, ribbon and floral vessels to make it all work.  There were many friends and family assigned to different areas, so I didn't have to do it all, just orchestrate the evening.  It was a lot of work last minute, but actually a lot of fun.  The Guynn family was phenomenal to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  So folks, if you want to design most of your wedding and don't necessarily want a wedding coordinator, I can make sure it happens on your night with just a little extra design assistance from me.  It's a win-win, I promise. 
Lindsay's colors were eggplant, navy, gold, and sage green, it's tough to find floral that is exact to that palette, but I think I made it work.

The desserts were so good, most were from the Corner Cafe & Bakery in Salt Lake City, don't mind the cheesecake that had a transfer malfunction.

Her cake was a gold dust buttercream, you should have seen the shimmer, g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

Live canaries were a sweet attraction for the little children.

Each table had a cluster of vintage bottles Lindsay had been collecting for weeks, filled with lavender, sage or rosemary sprigs and a single yellow ranunculus.  Perfect vintage touch for the Kimball House at the This is the Place Monument Old Deseret Village.

The bonus was that they sent me home with all the floral from my candy jars and the bottle clusters.  I enjoyed them for a good week in my dining room.

 The exquisite layers of petals in a ranunculus bouquet.

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