Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chloe Asks Nice Boy to Halloween High School Dance

Chloe came home from school a couple weeks ago on a Wednesday night and announced she was asking a boy to the Halloween dance that night at 8 pm.  

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, really?  You just turned 16, don't we want to gradually work up to the dating thing?",  I questioned.

"If I don't ask tonight, he'll be asked by Friday, " she responds.  "I have to."

"Okay, well the dance is in like 6 weeks, are you sure this must be done tonight?" I doubted.

"I'm sure.  I'm just glad you are so creative Mom, I'm sure you can think of something really cool," she brown-nosed.

No pressure there.  I had the Guynn wedding the next day and she had a Young Women's activity that night, so time was of the essence.  Chloe and I speed brainstormed for 10 minutes.  The result:  Uncle Sam and his slogan, "I want you!" marry The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West, and her finger-pointing threatening line, "I'll get you, and your little dog too!"  We discussed what the picture inserted at the end of the book should look like.  It would be the Wicked Witch of the West, and she should be pointing her long, green fingers at him (Eddie), when he opens the book.  Chloe found the perfect image online in 2 minutes, maybe less, gotta love Google.  We made a quick trip to D. I. to purchase a couple of books. Then Matt saved the day and drilled the massive hole.  I lettered, painted, glued, burned and packaged, at Chloe's request, after all, who was asking who to the dance anyway? 

After all was said and delivered, I had the sinking feeling that we had just set the bar very high for Chloe's invitations and acceptances to the potential 36 other high school dances for the next 3 years, and then there is still Elsa and June to follow ...  I sure hope he says "yes", or there is going to be one mad witch at our house, possibly two.  And we might get his little dog too.  (long cackle)

Who does he answer?
Hint:  This book belongs to Chloe Ferre.

Is she sending subliminal messages in the book titles she chose?  Quite Possibly.

A new wax seal from my recent purchase at Tail of the Yak.

Matt drilled some very large holes through the inside of the two layers of books.   Super cool.
Notice the 3-D witch finger?
Just when I thought we were done with the project, Chloe wanted to burn and distress the cover page.
Details, details, I just don't know where she gets that from ...

Eddie, I hope you have the heart of the tin man and say "Yes!"  Just follow the Yellow Brick Road up 114th, you can't miss us on the north side.  She's patiently at home clicking her heels together for your affirmative reply, but her dad has considered sending the winged-monkeys after you.

(an even longer cackle)


  1. Aimee,
    Jennie & I dream that Chloe asks Nelson to a dance, just so we can experience first (OK second) hand an Aimee Ferre assisted idea!
    Great Post. Hope the dance goes as well!

  2. Warren,
    I create hip high school dance invitations, you design amazing dream homes, I'm trying to weigh out who should be clicking the ruby slippers harder and faster. But be watching in the darkness for a Starry Night artist dinner party invitation coming your way ...

    P.S. Tell Jennie I cried my eyes out during the whole 5000 Day Project today. I'm with Sam, a little on the sensitive side. An unbelievable production. Our congrats to Rick for his dream films.

  3. Aimee,

    What great ideas and so fast too! Hope Eddie says yes and that he and Chloe have a wonderful time. The good news is that she will probably not have to ask boys to all of those dances... they will most definately be asking her! (But then there are the creative responses....)

  4. Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of high school dances. It seems like the kids DO want to top the last one's invite. I remember helping Brady Richards bake like 10 cakes one on top of another with an invite hidden inside. And that was a GUY! Good luck girl. You did set that bar waaaaaaaay high in the cuteness/cleverness factor. Lucky guy to go with Cloe.