Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

So much to blog about, but so little time.  Lots happening, promise.  It's just been too much to think about blogging the lots of happenings.  I may back up and post some things of the past, but I may need to just press forward.  We'll see where my posts take me, but tomorrow I officially begin my holiday crafting for the end of November - beginning of December show.  It's my favorite one of the year at Utah's Art Market.  It really is the best show of the Beehive state, and I'm not really biased.  I am going to be creating non-stop from here on out this season.  If I complete even half of my master list, it'll be awesome.  So keep up here to see the progression.  

Here's a little visual feast of my UEA weekend with family.  I like to think of it as a one of Heavenly Father's big shows.  He is definitely a living God, I see Him everywhere.  

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