Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Firsts & Stuff on My Desk

My 1994 business card

When I first "opened shop" in 1992, I did events, invitations and custom tactile greetings for companies and individuals. And this was my business card in 1994... And the dot in between the numbers on my old telephone number?  Yeah, it still bugs me.  The graphic guy made it way too big, and I was just a little too timid to tell him I wanted it smaller.  I'm so glad I'm stronger and braver now.

But I still love the cardstock. This was long before scrapbooking was the thing, and to find any unique cardstock was next to impossible.  I looked for over a month, meeting with paper sources trying to find any textured cardstock other than a linen finish.  I had to pay an extra $100 to get Zellebach Paper Company to even order it in for me.  From the moment they said it wasn't a regular stocked item, I knew it was perfect. I was just about 20 years too early for the logo I drew back then, but there is a personal story behind the olive branch wreath; I'll share sometime.  

I'll be posting new stuff on my desk and old stuff from my boxes from now on.  I don't really think it matters, new-old, whatever. If your interested, subscribe to my blog.  Keep coming back if it feeds you daily.  Follow me on Instagram Here, Etsy Here, Pinterest Here or all three.  

This was my very first "big" custom job.  Shawna was visiting Utah from Atlanta, Georgia.  She spotted my handmade greeting cards at an upscale stationery shop in downtown Salt Lake City.  She found my number at the back of the card and called me directly after leaving the store.  
She really wanted prince -ish and a Japanese influence.

Thank you Shawna, if ever we meet again.


 And today on the desk:  Sneak peak to Chloe's graduation announcements

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