Friday, June 5, 2015

Boho Babe 2015 Graduation Announcements

She's a boho babe.  
My little surfer girl.
And she paddle boards too.
She loves yoga and gets up at 5:30 every morning to do it.
No bling for this one, but she still shines from within.
photo credit:  Amy Little SLC,UT
On the way to graduation with her best pals
This little flower motif is very symbolic to the yoga culture.
I'm not sure what the motif represents, but I think it has something to do with the chakras of the body.

All the layers stitched up

Elsa is definitely someone who makes everyone feel important. 
Thank you Maya Angelou for always saying it in the most exact way possible.  

The Announcement Suite:
The Announcement
The photo collage
The quote of the year best describing Elsa's personal philosophy

The beautiful African Tie Dye momi handmade paper.  
The beautiful momi, tie dyed Afrikan paper.  Not sure if you can tell the block print is the body of a Peacock.  This is the paper "belly" band that holds it all together.  
It can be removed or carefully slid off.

Peacock block print stamp from Flax Art & Design, to further reinforce her boho inner beauty

The beautiful envelopes below were a gorgeous brassy-gold 
and left over from a party we had a few years back.  
But they are heavy duty and with the postage rate going up on May 31, 
our delinquency in getting these mailed, cost a  few extra in change.

Mailing day was the day before her graduation day.  
But she still graduated on time.

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