Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Midsummer Soltice Soirée Under the Stars

Summer is a time when I start getting my act together for the holidays.  Yes, you heard that right.  I do a local event called Swiss Days of Midway that is over Labor Day weekend, and I sell my wares.  It's really fun, in a very stressful sort of way, but takes a lot of prep during my summer.  I've been on a pretty rigorous schedule since the end of May.  But every now and again, you gotta party

I've been planning this party for several years, with my last name being Ferre (pronounced "Fairy"), it seemed like a perfect theme for me to execute.   I've dreamt of a Midsummer Night's Dream with little girls in white dresses prancing around a maypole with oversized red velvet polka dot toadstools and flower garlands peppered throughout the garden.  Mothers and daughters crowned with floral head wreaths drinking mint tea and nibbling on pumpernickel tea sandwiches and tarts while sitting on cut log stools.  I did build the maypole 5 years ago for the someday soirée.

Still dreaming of it.  

But every year when June 21st is around the corner, I think to myself, "Maybe next year."  Well, I'm sick of that, it's time to just do a Midsummer Soirée and indulge the men of my dinner group in all the feminine elements of this elegant evening of flowers and twinkle stars.   So it's happening.  This Saturday.  And yes, when I hand painted the invite, I accidentally scripted "2016" in permanent black ink with the original watercolor behind.  How do you white that out?  You don't, you hope no one notices.  I was probably dreaming of the future again.  

We're doing the Swedish version for this little party.  Come back next week and see the details, and then create your own for next year.  Elsa's gonna use her video skills and capture the whole deal.
Watercolored and hand-lettered art for the invitations stitched onto pale blue cardstock

Little personalized maypoles with silk ribbons and vintage millinery flowers on 12" dowels with finial tops

"Oh dear, I spy a mistake...

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