Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Video - Midsummer Party: A Fragrant & Tasty Soirée

Here is the live performance from the Midsummer Eve.  All the men want their faces blurred, to protect the innocent.  You'll notice the Maypole tips over, we really weren't planning on actually using it, it was more just for looks.  But whatever, the spontaneity got to the women folk and we made the men get up and grab a ribbon, however much it put their masculinity at risk.    I know the music is much to be desired.  We're working on getting some music without copyright issues for future videos, but my daughter, Elsa, has been tweaking all kinds of things on my blog lately and adding little videos of things I do.  She's been hounding me about working up a new "300 Boxes" header for 2 months now.  So keep watching as things change here, we're just playing until we get it where we want it.  So excuse the construction zone.

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