Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Promise, Lots of Spring Stuff Coming

I am so sorry it's been a few days since a posting of anything, not even a little crumb of evidence that lots of creativity is going on in the workspace. I'll take pics of the living proof I am concocting good stuff for my show this coming week. Don't forget to come, Thursday from 10 am - 7 pm and Friday from 9 am - only until 3 pm. If you can't make those times, give me a call and we can work something out in our schedules.

It's mania here, glitterfest, paint splotches, fabric scraps, threads clippings, paper shreds, ribbon snips all over; powermixed into sweet spring vignettes all over the house. You're gonna love this year's line. My paper mache chicks and bunnies dressed with garden fresh attire are the new addition this year. You'll love their little wagons, carts, umbrellas, kites and balloons. All 100% handcrafted with pure heart.

Be patient for a posting, it'll be worth a look this week.

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