Monday, June 20, 2011

The Father's Day Tie: 11th Edition Done at the Eleventh Hour

This year's A Ferre Tale, 2011 edition was made using unbleached muslin and garnished with orange ric rac, cotton quilt fabrics, a fine tip black fabric pen, fabric paints, a small hand made photo book with favorite photos from the past year and rubber stamps.
I made a small plastic pocket and inserted "A Ferre Tale" book that shared the favorite family photos from the year.  I couldn't get all my photos on the tie this year with the extra embellishing, so why not just compile them in a mini book?  It became an interactive tie!

A couple pages from the book.  
I wrote words on the back of the tie that describe Matt as a dad (and there are many), along with a few notes from the girls and me.

I found a line of fabric paint that comes in exquisite colors.  Look here to read about them.  They work on leather, wood, styrofoam, paper, fabric, almost any surface you want to embellish.  And the colors are amazing.  I just picked them up at Jo-Ann's for a few dollars each.  They were a bright addition to the tie materials this year, along with the vintage looking rubber stamped images.
The honored dad of the day.  
This simple guy with a no frills attitude was a good sport to humor us and wear it all day.

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