Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Father's Day Ties: 5th & 6th Editions

I found this fabric perfect for a father's day tie.  The keys come out of the pockets.  The girls wrote special messages to their dad on the back of their picture key tags.  The Keys to Being an Awesome Dad, 2005 edition.
 This ultra suede was easy to cut and work with.  My serger was having problems and at 3 in the morning, I couldn't try to figure it out, so the edging is a little funky.
 I added a toy compass to the front of the tie to match the map theme on the back.  We had just gotten back from Arches in Moab and so I used the national park map for the back lining and labeled the back of each picture on the tie from our Arches 2006 trip on it.  One of Matt's favorite things to do as a family is go on hikes.  This was in honor of his love for the outdoors.

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