Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Last of the Father's Day Ties: 9th-10th editions

I used another pre-made tie for The Year of Family Travels, 2009 edition.  I took lots of family photographs again and just stitched them on, almost like a crazy quilt.  It was more the colors in this tie (and the part that you really can't see very well with the light reflection) that I really liked, well that, and of course my favorite people photographed! 

Our Life is an Amusement Park, 2010 edition is my most favorite.  It's my most favorite shape, most favorite in color, most favorite design, most favorite family pictures, most favorite theme, and my most favorite year with my family.  I loved this day. Our photographer friend, Amy Little, took these at Liberty Park downtown, and the emotions she captured of our family was magical.  We had so much fun and she is absolutely amazing.  Check her out  h e r e  .
This was a year I had to write a letter to him on the back...but don't even try to read it.
 PS, how do you like my freshly painted entry table below?  It's more blue-ish green teal than it shows.  I hated it at first, but I think it's growing on me.  I wanted to have a splash of color as you walk in.  The color definitely pops agains the milk chocolate wall.  I'm sorry the photograph doesn't show the colors exactly, but you get the idea.

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