Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Father's Day Tie Continues: 3rd & 4th Editions

My least favorite tie.  I tried one of those iron on transfer sheets for my pictures.  I think my fabric must have been coated, I could not get the pictures to iron on uniformly.  But it was great year.  It was the first year of documenting our June Bug and lots of playing time, 2003.
 This tie was the in honor of the our house building project.  "La Casa De Los Venados", meaning The House of the Deer of 2004.  Matt built our home, not just contracted everything out, he built so much of it on his own.  In the sweat and heat of summer and the dead cold of winter. I remember feeling so guilty he was plumbing and doing the electrical all by himself.  It must have been exhausting and lonely there on the site for hours on end.  

Just before Father's Day, I went to the site and grabbed whatever was on the ground.  Roof sheeting and nails, electrical caps and wiring, copper pipes, foam, washers, basically whatever looked like I could use it for the tie's construction.  I reduced our house plans to miniature size and on the back wrote all the memories of the year 2004.  It was a tough one.  An emotionally trying one.  An exhausting one.  But none the less, another year in our lives.
PS, look how great the desk looks below my dad's, (Burdell Moody), painting.  The green brushstrokes are the exact antique jade shade of the desk.  

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