Thursday, July 21, 2011

A 'Round the Clock Bridal Shower Invite

One of 4 poems available on the link posted below.
I hand-lettered it for the invitation.

All lined up for envelopes

Machine zig zag sewn, back of invite detail shown.
The sewing machine saves so much time for me, here I got 5 layers attached with one zip on the machine.

an insert for gift ideas and contact information for those throwing the shower,
background is watercolored
My darling friend, Megan, is getting married in a couple weeks.  When my little Junebug saw her invitation to her wedding, she turned to me and matter-of-factly stated, "That's the right guy for her Mom."  I don't know how June knows that, but she said it with an undoubtable confidence in her voice.  I actually think she's right.

Some mutual friends in the neighborhood are throwing her a shower and asked if I could help out.  The theme is "A 'Round the Clock" in which guests bring a gift that coordinates with the hour of the day that the hostess has assigned them on the invitation.  So in the invite pictured above, the clock is set for 6 p.m..  Whoever receives this invite could possibly bring something that is to be used in the kitchen at dinnertime.  My friend sent me a link HERE for ideas to help me create these invitations.  I thought there were darling poems and ideas available and wanted to share them with you.

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  1. I absolutely love your blog! These round the clock invites are just lovely! I identify fully with your about me section! Thank you for posting such lovely things! Best. . .