Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bookbinding Classic

  You ask why I haven't been back as I promised.  I will admit to you I'm an addict with my Pinterest account.  It's embarrassing really.  But I've had so many images on my hard drive that I have wanted to file away, and this little app has allowed me to do so.  Click on the icon below to see my latest pins.  But beware:  It's HIGHLY addictive once you have created an account.
So my absence excuses are Pinterest and a little visit from some darling Arizona cousins.  
I only wish I had taken pictures of all the cousins in action with the castle fort they spent the day building, remodeling and adding on more spacious wings.  It is most likely Wikipedia's explanation of summer imagination and dreaming.  We needed a little playing around here, afterall, it is summer vacation.

Now that I got that clarified, here is the latest project on my work table.  It is on behalf of an incredible man.  I'm not saying much about it, other than, it's gonna be a classic book when it's done.  I'll post pictures of the completed bookbinding project probably by Monday, but I wanted you to have a little creative snack until then.
My tools for creating this rustic scrapbook.

A spool of sinew for binding.
I love my journal to the left, the inspiration for this project.

The naturally seared flap was perfect.

"Pinto" Nepalese handmade paper for the inside fly sheets.
I even had the right size.  Notice the hand torn deckle edges.
Hint:  It's easier to tear when you take a straight edge and a fine,wet paint brush to first wet the edge you will tear, it softens the rip and looks more like a natural deckled edge.
The 4 signatures of beautiful cotton art paper scored, folded and the sewing stations punctured with an awl ready to handstitch.

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