Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Confessions of a Thrifting Shopoholic: Strip, Refinish, Reupholster, Repeat

Red Poetic License rose sandals:  $3
Cream Ann Taylor mule sandals:  $4
Both brand new and showed absolutely no signs of wear, (until I wore the red ones this past weekend at our explosive dinner party).
Remember the other vase I found at D. I. similar to this one?  I think I'll use them together at some point.

Funny story:  I went to buy these cherry salad servers at my favorite kitchen store while visiting in NYC several years back.  I had purchased a set for my father-in-law the year before and he loved them so much, I wanted to buy me a set.  I walked several miles to get to the location only to find they were closed and moving to a new location that week.  I never got to buy them.  I've never seen a set quite like them since.  Until today.  I found them for $1.  Love that.

Okay, these little books are seriously treasures.  The pages are as sweet as they come, wish I could show them all to you.  These might be new additions to my Valentines candy jars.

No idea what I'll use this trim for, it's white and gold and most likely from the 70's by looking at the typeset on the side label.

These are shallow bowls that match some of the teacups I've been collecting.

The nightstand above compliments my bedroom furniture set that was once my grandparents (and extremely sentimental).  I'm deciding how to refinish it all and I fluctuate between stripping off the shiny coat of lacquer to re-stain and varnish or rather just paint it.  The wood is veneered, so not much left to sand down.  I'm thinking about all the options.  But bottom line, I love the era and I hate to just slap on a coat of paint to hide the chips and scratches.  It very well could be my next summer's tedious project, remember this?

And the chair?  Well, I love the rattan back and how lightweight it is.  I'm loving the style as well.  I'll reupholster the seat cushion and use it as my sewing chair.

There were a few more items I purchased, but won't be sharing until I unveil them at a very special birthday party for my main guy around here.  I've been collecting these for a few months now.  

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