Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Boy Coming for Cousin Kelsey

So we had reason to celebrate last night with a baby shower at my Aunt Karen's.  I got out of having a food assignment by doing the tables and flowers.  Love that.  Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can pull out of my basement in 30 minutes with just a little warning.  

Actually I'm never surprised.  

I have a lot of stuff people.
I was going to use this striped orange fabric for beach bags next year, but look how fun it is as the tablecloth.

Whitney's limeade "brew"
Kelsey's mother's family traveled to Utah every year to see relatives and would make an annual trip to Dunford Donuts during their visit.  So naturally Kelsey had the same tradition with her parents, and they love them as an official family comfort food.  My auntie was so thoughtful to include chocolate Dunford Donuts on the dessert table for Kelsey.

Old glass baby bottles from the 1950's purchased at an estate sale years ago.

Yellow spider mums

Lemon teacakes with vintage baby bottles in the background.

Gotta have candy and bubble gum for the kids, right?

We had a nice buffet dinner too, and I could have sworn I got a couple pictures, but I guess I just got only one of the platter with caprise on baguette slices.  So below is my one and only image of the lovely buffet.  It is beautiful, isn't it?  I guess the meatballs and jasmine rice didn't want to smile. And darnit, the salad was so pretty with sliced strawberries, beautiful greens and chopped walnuts.

Congratulations Kelsey!  We'll miss you when you move, but look forward to meeting new baby boy at Thanksgiving.

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