Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Details in Even the Door Knob

Do you ever just wonder at the little details in things?  I love the Salt Lake Temple.  I went to a special ceremony last Friday involving my unofficially adopted sister.  As I walked into one of the rooms of that beautiful building,  I couldn't help myself but touch the antique, handcrafted doorknob before entering.  It was so exquisite.  The solid brass material.  The intricate design.  The beehive relief.  Even the dates were set in the mold.  That little knob was so full of beauty and craftsmanship that I just wanted to gaze at it for a time.  Study it.  Who designed the mold?  Who cast the knob?  The whole building is a labor of love.  A forty year project.  If only for that one, little door knob, it would be a labor of love.  I gazed all around me after sitting down.  The fine gold leaf stenciled on the ceiling.  The chairs and the upholstery.  The finish carpentry and window details. Everything felt pure and perfect.  It's what I believe heaven will be like.  Heaven will have many details.  Many exquisite, perfect details. I just know it.

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