Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Confessions of a Thrifting Shopoholic: Eames Era Simmons Walnut Formica Chairs

I am busted when Matt gets home...

Matt warned me that there was no more room in the house for one more chair. But when when you find four very unique retro chairs, how do you pass up the s e t ?    
I wouldn't have passed up 1, let alone 4.   
Oh dear, I'm running out of places to hide my thrifted furniture finds.  My little sis suggested the cold storage room.
Unfortunately, I'm maxed out with the dishes I'm hiding in there.  Any other ideas?
There was a label partially peeled off under the seat of one of the chairs that read: 
S i m m o n s.
They are contructed out of a molded plywood with a Formica laquered walnut grain looking veneer.  The legs and seat frame are painted ivory and "metal protected by Bonderite (PARKER RUST PROOF CO.)", according to the label.  Does anyone know anything about these chairs, I would love to to know the specifics of the approximate date manufactured, and the designer?  If not, oh well, they are absolutely adorable and I have no idea where I'm putting them.


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  2. I would have bought these chairs in a heartbeat - they are AMAZING!!