Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carnival Birthday for June Bug

The Invite

 Bright and Happy Scenes from the Afternoon

Ignore the snowflakes in August, I just loved the colors

 The Concessions
super healthy State Fair corndogs

red striped strawberry cookies and clown noses

mmmmm, pink bubble gum cotton candy, the hit of the party

 The Photo Booth

The birthday girl and present time

So fun, once we involved H2O.  We had to loan out a few bathing suits, but it all worked out. Click on the above link for information regarding bounce houses and cotton candy machines.
(just be sure to keep away from the motor and electrical)

by Chloe (for hire - jut contact me, she's pretty good and she's my daughter)
The Gallery:
giraffe balancing on a mushroom, hmm interesting
el Sol

miss cheetah
a tree? really?
In honor of her best friend (pictured right) who moved to the big spacious Panhandle state last year, Chloe had a "Don't mess with Texas" painted on her face.

The Favors
Of course you gotta send them home with something, salt water taffy in state fair flavors (buttered popcon, cotton candy and bubble gum), stacked bear crayons and polka dot sidewalk chalk. 

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  2. I had to fix my name from Welcome to Pattie...LOL! I think Junie's birthday looked fantastic! And I loved the invitation especially. She's so lucky to have such a fun mom! And the face painting was awesome!