Monday, August 29, 2011

"Aunt Aimee, I Want a Robot Party"

This little boy likes Ironman, Bionicles, Buzz Lightyear, Transformers and anything else that resembles a robot with super powers and of course, weapons built in the arm.  I could probably insert any little boy's name here, but today, it's all about Morris, or affectionately known as Mo-Mo. His mommy incentivized him to give up a certain something in order for me to be able to even throw this little techy wonder party.

 I've been loving to make these little ruffled crepe paper streamers, and for this party, I wanted lots of bright colors for this little boy who loves to paint and draw.
 The Gerbera daisies from Saturday's baby shower were still fresh and beautiful.


 I couldn't keep the balloons from wilting over in their vases, so I just filled with bright crayons to stabilize the balloon sticks. 

 What kid wouldn't want ginormous pixy stix and fun dips?  Thanks Aunt Karen!
Bright helium mylar balloons for all the kids, provided by Grandma Peggy

 Here is the only clue from this party that it was a robot party, it was all in the mini cake decor.  These homemade Ding Dongs from the baby shower the day before, were just as good and moist as the day I made them.

 I hope you get what you wish for Mo.  You deserve it this year.
 Optimus Pri-Mo-Mo
 This little redneck got his glow from the robot in action.  Matt wondered if we could please take out the batteries.  It never said, "Noise included".  Please?
 A Bionicle.  Wow.  Something I have never had to get excited over with 3 girls.
 Mo-Mo's party crew.
Bubbies, I know it was a little spur of the moment planning, but your 4th birthday party was Optimus Primo.  Watching your bright eyes as you opened presents was my favorite part.  I hope it was everything you thought it was going to be in your head for the last several weeks, because you don't just give up  "blank"  for nothin'.

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  1. yeah. you don't just give that up for something less than the full aimee production. he told me it was worth it ; )