Monday, August 1, 2011

We're Back

The Idaho ranch, new calf feedings
Mack's Inn (from our back porch)
West Yellowstone
Hot Pool
June paddle boarding on Jenny Lake
Beautiful pond at the Continental Divide in Yellowstone
I needed oxygen at this point.
Grand Tetons
The Trip Download:

Visiting mom and Reed in Idaho was relaxing.  The fields go for miles.  I ran over 8 one day, I had no clue, the road just kept going.  And that fresh strawberry pie I "whipped" up that night?  Worth the 8 mile run.  Thrift shopping in Idaho Falls was just a fun excursion with the teenagers.  

We hit The Playmill in Island Park and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  The theater hall was a little on the warm side, but a great production for $18.  Mack's Inn had old rustic cabins with waterfront rooms.  I won't talk about the small shower and iffy toilet. But my morning run?  Well now that was priceless.

Hearing the earth below roar and spew steam or watching the gurgles of bubbling mud and minerals in Yellowstone was powerful.  You realize who is in charge of this world when you witness the grumblings up close.

Jackson Hole is always amazing.  Jenny Lake was gorgeous.  I got about 30 mosquito bites, 12 on my head alone.  But the Hidden and Cascade Falls hike with my sister Luisa, was spectacular. That evening we ate mexican at Merry Piglets in Jackson for my brother-in-law's birthday. The vegetarian chimichanga was so savory and the fried ice cream for the birthday boy was festive.  We stayed in Thayne, Wyoming at Wolf Den Cabins.  Again, my morning run up in the hills was beautiful.  To say the least, it kicked my can.  The air and temperature was perfect though.

The river run down the Snake was a blast.  With Matt as our guide, we hit Lunch Counter rapids at full force and nearly tipped.  No one voted for a second run though.  The resistance started with my 5 year old nephew and trickled down to the teenagers.  And I was supportive of their resistance just thinking about the 5 hour drive ahead of me (which called for a Code Red - Mountain Dew, I had to take extreme measures for this exhausting trip).

Star Valley is the greenest I've ever seen it right now.  The whole trip was a scenic drive through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. I've never seen it all look so gorgeous.  Maybe it's because I actually was awake.

It's good to be back home again... all except for the Grand Tetons of laundry.

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