Monday, August 15, 2011

I Like My Birthdays

Won't say when it was exactly, but you may have noticed I didn't blog much this week.  We like to call it birthday month around our house.  Just in case we need a do-over.  Some dear friends remembered and kindly brought sweet gifts to celebrate.  Do you remember the phrase from the classic (well, maybe not so classic) movie "Nacho Libre",  that went something like this,

"Everything that you just said, is MY favorite thing to do EVERYDAY!" ?  

Below is the miniature lemon curd poppyseed cake and berry cobbler from Food for Thought in Draper.  Sweet endings.

This darling aqua pedestal was made by my neighbor of 7 years while living in Sugarhouse downtown.  My giving friend knows I can't get enough of his pedestals for displays around my house.  I absolutely adore this color.  I've already used it for June's birthday party this past week.  See HERE.  The journals fit exactly into the box.

 Oh my goodness, if you haven't tried this hand cream, you are missing out.  A silk blanky on your hands!  I'm not sure where my friend purchased this, but I have found it at Anthropologie in an array of soft scents.  And the packaging?  Well the packaging is as sweet as it smells.

Orange Chrsyanthemum vase
Well, everything that my dear friends did for me, took me to and gifted me this week, was my favorite thing too!

*Please note:  These endorsements were prompted by my own personal love of the products.  I receive nothing for saying so.

There ya go!

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