Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Birthday Bash Plan B

It's coming around again.

June's birthday.  

June's birthday, which is in July.  
June, 6.91 years old
In 2009 for June's birthday invitation, I used a digital print of an original painting that I commissioned Ann Gardner to do of her in her dance recital costume.
The commissioned piece, "June" by Ann Gardner 
June specifically asked for "original art" that year for her birthday, she was 6.  She also asked for a diamond ring at Christmas.  She's always been a child with a very distinguished taste for the finer things.  Back in May when she was discussing her party plans, (June thinks about these things months in advance) she asked to rent the tumbling gym.  Then she promptly broke her pinky on the first day of summer break doing a back tuck.  Bummer.  
I've got a little less than ten days to round up ideas and execute.  She gets her cast off on her birthday.  I seriously thought that would be enough of a celebration.  Evidently not.  I get the feeling she's expecting a little more.  Like when she mentioned a necklace at Tiffany & Co.  Let's just say, I got a little wild eyed.

She has moved on from her sisters doing hair & make-up styling and sharing fairy princess wings, little toile purses embellished with velvet butterflies and french wired ribbons as favors filled with tiny wooden toys and petite candies.  No, that's far too juvenile.  
(This really was a whimsical and colorful child party, but these pictures have such terrible lighting.) 
She wants hamburger joint food over vanilla cupcakes topped with sprinkles.
 Her "list" of wants now consists of "a professional trampoline or tumble track, but if that's too much Mom, there is always that Tiffany's necklace", (Thanks Aunt Julia).  

Parties were way more controlled when I was the creative director. 
I wanna make your wish this year.
(Could I not have shut that pantry door?) 

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