Monday, June 2, 2014

I Never Was a Girl Scout Anyway

So the whole Girls Scouts Honor promise thing from Monday, yeah, it doesn't really apply today.  Can you wait another day for a quilt sighting?  It was one of those very bad days.  Very bad.  Nothing went right, except I got all my bathrooms clean for the company that came later this afternoon.  All 5 cleaned.  So instead of a finished quilt, can I just show you one of my clean bathroom floors and the cutest shower curtain and throw rugs from an Anthropologie purchase last summer?  I know, a shower curtain.  But it's kind of a cute little deal of a shower curtain.

Clean floors, I just love clean floors.
These rugs are from Anthropologie as well.  Kind of different, right?
I'll let this be the last time I share a bathroom on my blog. But it is the favorite bathroom. 

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