Monday, June 16, 2014

Ferre Father's Day Tie 2014 Edition

 I purchased a great polka dot tie at Deseret Industries for $2.
 I looked through my iPhoto from the last year, and chose pictures from the family highlights. 
 I sent the photo files electronically to our local Walgreen's and had wallet prints made of each in one hour.  Then I cut some of them down to make room for the machine embroidery I wanted to include, (I still had my mother-in-law's sewing machine in my possession from the quilt project). I stuck a little glue dot on the back of each photo to positition it on the tie during the sewing.  Then I sewed around each photo for permanent placement.
 Then with the little spaces left I freehand machine stitched "Matt~Happy Father's Day 2014  Aimee*Chloe*Elsa*June Ferre"
 Each year I try to give a written recap of the family experiences & vacations somewhere on the tie.  This year I wrote it on the back.
 The highlights were written in permanent marker on a piece of scrap fabric from Valentines.  It worked pretty perfect.  Then I basted the piece on the back of the tie.  The running stitch only went through the first layer, so no stitches were visible from the front of the tie.
Definitely homespun and crafty, but yet he wore another Ferre Father's Day tie for a fourteenth year.

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