Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dad, You Are The Salty To Our Sweet

Father's Day Morning
We were at Costco Friday morning and I saw the Pringles cases on a sale.  Why did I buy 2 cases?  I have no idea.  He loves salty and he loves Pringles.  But that's 24 cans.  Would I be happy if he ate 24 cans of Pringles?  
And I admit, I've got a little buyer's remorse.  
 My card to Matt on behalf of all the girls around here.

 The little bag holding the limited edition 2014 tie
 Notice the little mini rainbow loom tie that Junie Bug handmade for him?
 The basket of MORE salty goods.  Thank you Trader Joe's!
Hand lettered and handpainted artwork with a scrap fabric bordering it and zig zag stitched on the card.  

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