Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kinda a Big Week

Kinda a big week...on the family and creative front.
This past Saturday the Senior Class Officers were in charge of the Senior Dinner Dance

 Graduation Tuesday

Quilting on Wednesday
A Mission Call Came Today (Thursday)

And I have lots to show from the past week's events.  The Q U I L T  is all stitched up and awaiting a photo session.  The graduation announcements were sent out and I have a great tutorial to share from that little project.  The Alta 2014 Senior Dinner Dance was so surreal to be a fly on the wall that night in The Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point.  First time ever parents were allowed to show their face at this event.  How did we get so lucky?  They couldn't afford to pay the school staff, so senior class officer parents got first dibbs.  Of course we volunteered, what parent wouldn't? Their theme was "I Lived" taken from One Republic's albumNATIVE.  I did a fun little art print for the table decor I'll share.  Just a big week.  A little too big actually.  One for the family record.

So stay tuned, great posts to come all next week.

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