Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The X-7 Layer Desk: Finito!

Remember this post, well I changed my mind about the color choice.
And this post
I never thought I would get beyond this.
So this is why while standing in the aisle at Home Depot to buy the stain for my desk, I had my moment of panic.  I have spent who knows how many hours stripping this desk.  Hours of colorful, gooey latex paint scraped in clumps to the plastic sheeting, stuck in my nails for days, and probably sick from lead paint inhalation.  The orange, non-toxic stripper had me gagging after a few days of working with it, even with a mask.  The electric sander and the old fashioned hand sander, the razor blade, a toothbrush and wooden dowels were all used to remove paint residue from tiny corners, rounded handles and crevices.  

Basically, hours and hours of fun.  What do I want to be the forever shade of this desk?  

I loved the grain of the unknown wood, I thought it was oak, but I don't really know.  I knew I wanted a stain to show off the fabulous grain.  I originally thought onyx.  But then I looked through the glorious samples and debated between an onyx, vintage jade, orange, or a deep hot pink.

The Onyx:  A classic color, but shows dust easy.
The Fruit Punch (Orange):  A statement.  I love orange.
The Cherry Blossom (Hot Pink, the monitor on the website doesn't show it accurately, it's a beautiful pink): A way fun statement, but not very versatile to be a forever color.
The Antique Jade:  A subtle statement, works in every room in my house, my daughters love green (It's going in their room until they leave the nest), I have multiple pieces of jade-ite dishes, and it's just fun.

As on many of those game shows go, I put out a call to my friend, Nanette, the color guru.

"Okay, so go online to the color chart for Minwax water based stains.  Look at the colors, which one would you pick?",  I questioned in my desperation for choosing the perfect color to seep through ever pit, crevice and grainline of this X-7 layer desk.

She recommended the jade.  It felt right.  So I did it.
And I love it!

I think I'll do an oak chair in the cherry blossom next summer to be it's companion.

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