Monday, May 23, 2011

Compositions of a Fourteen Year Old

My second daughter, Elsa, needs some well deserved credit. I never have time during my creative escapes to capture images of my projects, so she takes a lot of pictures for me so I can document. I think I need to give her a mention at some point. Most of my fiesta pictures from Sunday night, she took. I had to share this one, because the color is great and her composition is pretty interesting. It's also proof I hate to iron.

stacked cocktail napkins

Interesting perspectives, for a fourteen year old. She has a very good, artistic eye and seems to focus on the not so obvious.
Elsa took a play by play of Danny discovering that he had free reign over his cake. But first, where is he?
Danny, let's go eat some cake!

Photographing her little sister, June

One red sneaker
So credits to Elsa for all her great photographs.


  1. We love the name Elsa! My second daughter is Elsa too. I'll have to show her another Elsa in the world. And looks like she has a good Elsa example.

  2. iheartmesa, i love the name elsa, and I love mesa! thanks for visiting me!