Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, What To Do?

How many of you are listmakers? I am one in the worst way. It is the greatest cause for my creative chaos. It's a love/hate relationship, definitely more love. I spend about 2 weeks making out my yearly goals the first of January. And then I revise the list just before summer hits. It's crazy. I started creating for Christmas this week. I've never done this before, but it is what has to happen now that Matt and I share in Alta Girls Basketball Booster Club president responsibilites. I'd never get to watch my girls play from October-December, if I didn't start this week. Maybe my creativity will soar this summer. Maybe I'll be more organized for the shows. Or maybe I'll just try to cram more into a show. Maybe I'll burn out by July. Who knows, I see all these projects listed done in my head, and I get so excited about the upcoming seasonal shows. I can tell you this, from what I am already creating, it's gonna be better than last year. I won't be posting any pictures of my seasonal work, it must be a surprise of course! (Thus the blurred out list) But there are plenty of other summer projects and parties planned I can share, so keep with me. I'll be posting more here than ever this summer.

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