Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"This Heart is Full for Mother" Give-Away

Don't all women want love, chocolate and sweets? This big heart was a labor of love just for a woman. Filled with two homemade caramel marshmallows, a decadant, gold brushed, semi-sweet and milk chocolate truffle, and three milk chocolate dipped fortune cookies. The heart lid is covered in a muted teal 100% cotton velvet. The side made with a handmade Nepalese paper that has been screen printed by a Berkley, California paper artist. The confection box base is lined with a beautiful pale green foil and then handpainted gold with pewter stripes. I originally created this velvet rose to be in a pair as shoe clips and decided singly it adds not only detail but a little function to this ensemble, by using it as a hair, purse or hat clip. The white dove is painted, decoupaged with vintage book pages, rubber stamped and garnished with glitter. The "Mother" tag, I lettered with gold calligraphy ink and then painted with teal accents. It really isn't just a box of chocolates, it is in fact a labor of love when I think about the careful attention I paid to every detail of this box. When all the confections are gone, hang it on a wall at Valentines Day or set in on your dresser filled with jewelry or letters from loved ones and family. Whatever you think of will suit your surroundings, I'm sure.

Give me a brief explanation of why you or someone you love deserves this delectable box of sweets, and it could be yours. I will announce the winner Saturday, May 8. I can't wait to hear from you!

*Note: This give-away offer applies only to those living in the continental US.


  1. I'd actually love to give this box to my grandma. She would love it! She is a very detailed person, and a room doesn't look right if a pillow or piece of furniture is out of place. She's a stickler for little details like the perfect color on the walls, and has been known to repaint or re-walllpaper an entire room just one shade lighter or darker because it didn't suit her tastes. When I was ten years old, she taught me how to oil paint and I entered my paintings in the fair, winning first place. Of course that sounds a bit cheesy, and it was, but to me that $4 prize money was cold hard cash and the portraits are really quite good. Grandma also loved to decorate little boxes with coordinating wallpapers, and I still have one of the boxes we made together to match my room when I was 15. While it's outdated in muted shades of green and peach, every time I look at it I am reminded of my creative, persnickety grandma who took the time to do a project with one of her 36 grandchildren. (Don't tell, but she's always told me I am her favorite!)

    Your box is beautiful. I LOVE it!

  2. I want to win this to give to a friend. She had 2 sets of twins in 3 years. (I'll let that sink in). She deserves a little treat for her daily, backbreaking work! Her blog is if you want to verify ; )

  3. I have a friend who is an amazing mother to 2 little boys here on earth and 2 little boys in heaven. She has a gift for music and for helping others with bringing their babies into this world. She is everything about the word "mother" I can think of. I think she would be very deserving of this special gift and she is so willing to share her gifts with others.

  4. Hi Aimee - Beautiful, just missed it:( I can think of 21 amazing mothers to gift these to:) And those are just the super amazing moms in my family:) But surely Emily, who clued me in on the Sprinkles free birthday cupcakes (and your blog) deserves a sweet reward:)