Monday, May 2, 2011

P.T.A. Birthdays

Every year I am on the PTA Board at June's elementary school. And every year I beg the incoming president to please not make me come to a meeting if I do the birthday committee solo. It works out and the staff tells me that they actually look forward to their birthdays now. Imagine that.

In years past, I've done birthday party-in-a-box with cake mix, bottled frosting and even a candle; another year was Hawaiian beach birthday party theme with beach bags, large party hats, beach balls and floral leis with birthday medallions; and last year I gave out party platters, PTA party peanuts, brightly colored Jones sodas and a special day birthday badge.

This year, I created birthday mobiles. They were incredibly fun. I included instructions on how to assemble them, but once they were done with their birthday celebration, it could be re-purposed as a photo holder or another instructional mobile in their classroom. I had to include some sort of treat, after all, it is in celebration of a birthday. So keepinging with the circus theme, I stitched up a Utah Truffle in popcorn bags, and packaged Ghirardelli "Birthday Bear" Brownies in handstamped muslin bags. Now that the cat is far out of the bag, I'm ready to post pictures.

I deliver my last batch to the staff on June 1. I've already got next year planned...but of course, that is a surprise.

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  1. Aimee, you are just so clever :)! What fun to scroll through your creations. Sorry I was out of town for Art Market. Looks like it was an absolute delight.