Friday, May 27, 2011

A Week of Living Color

An heirloom dresser, a free-cycled nightstand, and one very hip desk are having serious makeovers this week. What do you think of the palette? It's all those bold & colorful f i e s t a s we hosted last week.

June and I took a trip to Home Depot. She chose the lemongrass green for her dresser.
I tried to talk her out of it, reminding her, "It's forever June. It was your grandpa's dresser when he was a baby. Then it was Dad's. Now you have it, you really want me to paint it bright green?"

She remained confident in her decision. Dang.

I may still have a chance to go a little more subtle with color and save the great, bold green for something less forever and heirloom quality. Only because I am older and the mom.
Here is a sample of the knobs I bought on sale several months ago from Anthropologie for the makeover.

June wants the mango orange for her free-cycled nightstand. Now I love that decision.
The older girls are getting a very retro desk. The furniture style is from one of my most favorite eras: midcentury modern. It was serendipity when I found it. I was supposed to be at my Photoshop class and decided to just slip in the D. I. for a 5 minute furniture and dish check. There are probably 4 layers of paint to strip, but the price tag was unbeatable: $10. The color plan: Teal green for the main color and beet pink complimenting the inside next to the drawers.

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