Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mo & Danny Celebrate May 26- Danny's First Birthday

The Hogle Zoo has become a work of art over the last several years. The sounds and movements all over the park are intriguing to curious children. Morris paid more attention to the mechanical spitting dinosaurs, the music box of the animal carousel, and the blowing bronze elephant, than to the sleeping tigers or swinging tamarinds. It blew my mind. He wanted to visit those interactive animal exhibits several times, but seeing the live giraffe with it's exotic wavy spots and long eyelashes once, was good enough.
What a cute little hatchling, even with his self-haircut mullet.
Best $1.50 spent today.

In the evening, my neighbor to the back of us, kindly took Mo on several loops around his property on the "tractor" until it finally "ran out of gas". Yet another highlight of the day. He even allowed him to steer most of the way.
We've had a few sweet endings this week. The Draper Sweet Tooth Fairy set us up with some nice treats for the cousins to all share. We cut them up into quarters and had at it.

There were gifts of bubbles, wooden construction trucks and guys, a Toy Story game and the best company of cousins little boys visiting from Arizona could want, not to mention all the flavors of frosting we could want to lick off our faces.
Makes for a happy birthday boy.

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