Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drumroll Please....

Sorry my post is belated. I was tied up a little bit longer than anticipated at the church tonight.

I just really have to give it to the friend with 2 sets of twins in three years, (because I let that sink in for a moment tonight as I was one of 3 women in charge in the holding tank for the children in our musical production at the church tonight...noise in every corner). That's crazy work and I've got to hand it to her for those endured newborn and toddler days. She'll need another heart of sugar and chocolate once they start college and weddings. Congrats to emily ruth for knowing a woman with such energy. Wish her well from me! Thanks everyone for checking out my blog, whether you had the desire to post or not. Look for more give-aways in days to come. I've reserved some good stuff! Check out the blog of the recipient of the velvet heart:

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  1. Hey! I was so excited when I read that I, (rather my friend Kathryn) won this giveaway! I actually commented right that minute from my phone while standing outside Wal-mart. I know. Classy. but for some reason it didn't post? huh. i guess iphones aren't everything they're cracked up to be.