Friday, May 13, 2011

Soon-to-Be Charmed Chairs

I am on the stake girls camp committee this summer. Guess what my official task is? Decor. I couldn't be happier. I didn't even know there was such a calling for camp. In the dirt. Up in the mountains. With bugs.

I've been on a scouting trip for free chairs. The white chair is a donation from my dear friend, she brought to me a couple days ago. I explained to her what I needed for my project, and when I told her of it's purpose at girls camp, she was thrilled that she might have just what I was looking for.

It's exactly the chair I imagined.

The other two brown chairs I found in the city clean-up. Yes, I took home other people's garbage and I couldn't be more proud of my found treasures. I actually went up to the door of one of the chair owner's to ask if I could take. I felt a little weird, since I've always been taught to ask before you take. She was grateful to have them be gone. These will all be restored for camp this July. Can't wait to show you the after pictures. My head is full of new paint colors, stripes of gold, tassles dangling from finials, new rich fabrics, and symbols of Young Women. I know, I know, it's just girls camp up in the mountains, but the theme is "Daughters of a King" and "Happily Ever After" taken from Elder Uchtdorf's talk you can read here. You can only imagine what these chairs will be. I have the main white armed chair, 3 finial brown ones, and 2 simple dark oak chairs.

Does anyone have 3 more in a Goodwill or D.I. pile? I prefer the 70's finial nightmare style to paint, but beggars should never be choosy. I'm sure I could find some new giveaway in my closet of giveaways in exchange for a chair. Look in your city clean-ups if you live local and give me a shout out if you find one.

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