Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Plans

So I had big plans of finishing some furniture pieces last week.

That is until I got the flu.

I've been out since Tuesday flu bugging flat in bed.  Never had to be flat in bed with the flu before.  I can usually swing motherhood by the next day. This was not exactly the pre-beach diet I was interested in.  Day 5 was yesterday, I slept all day, only to feel great by 10 pm and lay wide awake in my bed all night. But I'm finally over it, so we'll just pick up today where I left off, in addition to one big dirty house and the local Wasatch Mountain range of laundry added.

These were the last few images I remember before I was out for the count:
 Mo mo on his newly acquired wheels taking one last spin around the court before heading back to Arizona.  Thanks Whit for the early Christmas gift for boys.
 Danny's last smiles for me before going home.
 The beginning of the desk project.  So we have paint layers of pink, red, white, blue, green, and honey yellow.  But guess what is at the end of the rainbow?  The most beautiful oak you've ever seen.  Solid.  It's doubtful I'll be painting this one when it's fully naked.  I'm thinking a nice charcoal black stain with a matte finish varnish coat.  And it may not be going in the girls room either.  I'm thinking hard on this one.
 June's nightstand.  Not sure what to think about this.  It's definitely veneered.  Pretty sure I'll be painting it again.
  Alas, a treasure found while shopping at D.I. with Nanette after our Photoshop class, just minutes before the bug hits.  Silly purchase.  It only cost me .50, but an old chocolate box in such an unusual shape is a treasure to bring out at Valentines don't you think?
Now let me get at it today!

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