Friday, June 10, 2011

Confessions of a Thrifting Shopoholic: It's Getting Embarrassing

So yesterday Chloe came into my office and said,  
"I want to go to D.I."
And I thought, "Any excuse."  I've been there several days this week alone for this camp project I'm on, 
but I'll go again at the prompting of my teenager to look for her school clothes (she plans ahead).  
Are you kidding me?  Absolutely, I'm there.
I went to my favorite location, which I'm not tellin', and found all of this:
I know, it looks like your grandma's china cabinet.  Oh, but there are big plans, of course, for all of this glassware. And the birthday plates below, well I have no idea, because who ever just has 4 people over for cake?  It's probably the reason they got rid of these darling little Tag brand plates.  Maybe they could be turned into small pedestal cake plates for birthday gifts.  We'll see where the wind takes me with these.
Now the little set below, well, this is my thrifting miracle story.  I went to this D.I. while Em was visiting a few weeks ago.  Found all these darling snack trays in this unusual ribbed and hobnail pattern.  I see the Anchor Hocking grapes pattern everywhere.  But this one looked fun.  I didn't find just one or two, I found 24.  Now that is enough for a party wouldn't you say?  Sadly, I only found two of the little square cups with the dainty hobnail handles to go with them.  I'll search at every garage sale and thrift store until I find 22 more.  That is always what I do, wait it out.  It may take a few years, maybe by the time I'm throwing Chloe a bridal shower, I will have found enough.

So yesterday we made our way to my favorite D.I.  I went straight to the glass section, and surprise, surprise, the beam shone down and all 22 glasses were there waiting for me.  Exactly 22.  The occasion is now being sketched out in my dreams.  Probably a fall gathering, with women of course.  24 women to be exact.

Would you like to come?
It's getting embarrassing, all these trips to thrift stores.  I haven't gone in months, and now suddenly it's not just on a weekly basis, it seems daily.

Is anyone else struggling to get anything done?  With the kids out of school and this Utah weather, I am totally in La La Land.  I just want to be irresponsible, and plan and have parties all summer long.  But the darn desk, dresser and nightstand are all calling my name to just get 'em done.


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